Life Observations; A List Compiled By 18 Year Old Me

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Hey everyone, miss me? Don’t bother answering I know you did!
Let’s get right into it.

My fifth grade science teacher once made my class spend two weeks observing an Arrowhead water bottle and writing these observations down in our notebooks. It was the most boring thing I think I’ve ever done in a science class but weirdly I learned a lot from it.

(I realize that this is yet another story that talks about an experience I had in science class but I guess science just had an impact on my life. Which is weird considering I disliked that subject with such a passion.)

The experiment was meant to teach us how to observe and notice things, everything from the broad obvious stuff to the small intricate details.

Remembering this story gave me the idea to share some observations that I’ve made over the course of my life, about life. I know that as I grow and mature I will obviously learn more things so I’m going to think of this blog as a checkpoint along the way, “Life Observations; A List Compiled By 18 Year Old Daphne”.

1. We never stop learning. Ever. The saying is “older and wiser” for a reason. You most definitely learn more and more as you journey through life, but I don’t think there’s an end point. It’s not like you wake up one morning at 89 years old and think “welp, that’s it. I know all there is to know about life and myself.” You can possess a lot of knowledge about these things but I believe that always wanting to learn more and dig deeper is one of the wonders of life.

2. Always bring snacks. This should be a no brainer for everyone but you’d be surprised at the amount of people that show up unprepared to things. I really learned this lesson over the past year as a raw vegan, if I didn’t bring my own snacks I was screwed. And hungry Daphne is not a nice person. She’s mean and grouchy. So before you go out toss some fruit in your bag or stick a granola bar in your car because no one needs to see you when you get hangry.

3. Comparing yourself to someone else is a TERRIBLE idea. This seems obvious but it is a part of human nature to look at somebody else and want what they have. And doesn’t it make you feel kind of crappy inside? Try and tell me a time that you looked at a girl or a guy and thought “She’s so gorgeous I wish my boobs looked like that.” or “I wish I had abs like that.” and felt good about yourself afterwards? The answer is neverrrrr. I’m all for having inspirations and admiring somebody’s work or work ethic, but please do your soul a favor and stop comparing yourself. You are beautiful and have a wonderful life ahead of you.

4. Technology is wonderful and fun… until it is the worst thing to ever exist. I’m addicted to my computer. True life. I’m addicted to my computer and my phone and they are amazing gadgets that bring me lots of joy. Until they break or something malfunctions and then I want to smash them into a million tiny pieces with a sledge hammer. The number of times I’ve had to call apple support because of a problem with my computer, and spent hours on the phone with them only to have the problem not get resolved has probably shortened my life 10 years.

5. You have to water plants. Who knew? All these years I thought the plants in my house just magically survived on their own. Now I have an apartment and have successfully killed 5 different plants. For six months my balcony looked like something out of a horror movie for greenery. Everything was dead and brown and very, very sad looking. I’ve finally worked out a system though I keep a big sign on my fridge that says “WATER PLANTS” in bright neon colors and I have a reminder in my phone that goes off every week.

6. No matter what you do someone will find something to pick on you for. You’re fighting a losing battle trying to please people. So just stop and please yourself instead.

7. Fruit is delicious (especially melon) and makes my soul incredibly happy (especially melon).

8. Being judgmental and whiny is the easy choice but being joyous and loving makes the soul feel better. We’re quick to judge or at least I know I am. I see a lady belting Drunk In Love while doing an interpretive dance on the side walk and my first thought is “ok, this woman is insane”. But if I take a little bit of extra time to think about it, it becomes very easy for me to appreciate her. I don’t know who she is or what her story is but I love her. I feel love and compassion for her and suddenly her spastic dance doesn’t seem so crazy anymore. Same goes for someone crying in a starbucks, or someone taking a really long time to checkout in front of you. We’re all human and whether you like it or not that connects us.

9. Hanging out with yourself is fantastic. Friends are great don’t get me wrong, I love my friends. But being able to spend time with yourself is a highly underrated skill. The more you do it the more you realize how awesome you are 🙂 .

10. Be open to life. Feel everything, try out of the box things, do more things that scare you (obviously I am not referring to things that are bad for your health, be smart kids), love yourself, love others, other cheesy phrases. But seriously if there’s one thing I’ve learned during my 18 years in this life it’s that being open makes life 1000x more enjoyable than closing yourself off.

So those are just a few of the things that I’ve learned so far from life and I look forward to becoming older and wiser as the years pass on. But also enjoy being in this exact moment right now 🙂

~Light, Love, and Joy~
my friends,


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