Bummed I couldn't be there for your graduation but so freaking proud of you. As impressive as your academic and intellectual accomplishments are, I'm mostly so proud of the wonderful, kind, passionate, funny, brave, risk taking, and empathetic human you have grown into. I see you. And I love you oh so much. You've got a brilliant life ahead of you kid  In case you were interested and wanted an update on my life: 1. This book. Is. Incredible. It so bravely and beautifully discusses the topic of racism in a captivating storyline. It kept me up til 2am every night without even realizing it. 2. This next film that I'm writing has me so excited. Every spare moment I have I spend thinking about it. My phone is literally filled with random notes piecing the story together bit by bit. 3. Recent small victories I'm proud of myself for: I've gained several pounds in the last few weeks, I continue to practice acceptance and surrender and am humbled every day, I'm learning how to let myself have feelings and emotions without placing judgment on them. I feel I have been gifted the opportunity to watch myself both struggle and bloom and learn how to bring love to both experiences. Life is oh so messy and I am truly grateful for every moment of it. Whether you hate me or love me I'm grateful for you and I'm sending you all my love
 So talented I could create masterpieces with my eyes closed Straight up, holy crap I'm in love with this little girl  "On the other side of pain there is still love." • "Here I am Getting through this Getting through everything" •
 I lost a lot of weight during the process of making my film. Possibly because I was so stressed that for 3 months I barely slept and overworked myself. Possibly because I spent so much time delving into the dark voices in my head in an attempt to understand them. Creating this film was like an emotional purging. I thought I had hit rock bottom a while ago but this film brought me to my knees. And I am so grateful for that. It opened my eyes. Made me recommit to my recovery. I am so proud of how far I have come. Of every step I have taken. And I really just cannot wait until I can share this film with the world. Whether people hate it or love it I won't care. I will just go on being so stinking proud. Because somewhere buried inside this film is a piece of my soul. #enoughfilm  Just your classic Pisces thriving in the water♓️ side note: earth day should be every day. It should be more than once a year that we stop and think about the impact we are having on the planet and take action to change things. Mother Earth is such a beautiful home she deserves to be treated better
 Low key (high key) tearing up as I write this: I am so PROUD of this body. I feel that sentence reverberate through my soul. Let me say it one more time, I am so PROUD OF THIS BODY. I am so honored to take up refugee in this body. I am so grateful for the ways it has stuck by me. I am so blessed to have learned the lessons that I have learned through this body. If I had to walk through hell just so I could come out the other side with this fierce love in my heart then it was worth it. It's now my turn to honor this body the same way it has honored me. I will not consciously place judgement upon this body or any body. I will not consciously place limitations or restrictions upon this body or any body. I may slip up along the way, but I will let love and mercy be my compass back to this freedom. Moment of gratitude for every magnificent body in this spectacular Universe✨  It was the most spontaneous and wonderful day yesterday. Paint on our fingers Sand between our toes You could almost smell the freedom in the air. I wish I had the right words to describe it but none of them seem to do it justice. So much gratitude for this light beam sitting next to me.
 Tomorrow Instagram is gonna be overflowing with pictures of moms so I wanted to sneak mine in early this woman is the greatest role model I could have asked for. She is flawed and imperfect but she has showed me how to embody love and mercy. She is so strong and independent. She is so funny and her laugh fills up a room! When I think of my momma my heart is filled with so much love. I am so ridiculously grateful for what she embodies, the lessons she has taught me, the love she has given me, and the core essence of who she is. I love you more than all the spaghetti in the world  It feels like I'm deep within a transition in my life. "The way it used to be" is no longer the way it is but I don't feel like I am quite into the next chapter yet. It's not good, it's not bad, it just...is. I'm trying so hard to have the same empathy and love I have for other people for myself. I'm trying so hard right now to show up for myself in ways I never would before. And it's been really hard. But I'm really proud of myself☀️
 Pro tip: Personify your fear. Recently any time the ego voice/fear voice starts to talk in my head I see the voice coming from my younger self. I don’t know if that makes any sense but it gives me space to actually bring mercy and empathy to myself. Because instead of the voice feeling real and the danger feeling immediate, I get to look at little 13 year old me panicking and suddenly my heart is filled with nothing but love and the desire to protect her…I don’t know man, it might sound crazy but there’s something magical about whispering reassuring affirmations to the most vulnerable part of myself✨  This is surrender. This is the unraveling. This is the returning home to yourself. The walls have crumbled and you are free. Surrounded by your prison's ruins and vast open space. Where do you go now? "Your heart knows the way. Run in that direction." -Rumi