My momma. I love you so much. And I've been missing you like crazy. "My 'tachment" my heart is filled with so much love and gratitude for you. I love you more than all the grains of sand in the Universe  Sometimes you just need to cry and cry and cry until every ache in your soul feels heard and understood...
 Happy February 15th! This is our attempt at one of those awkward family photos...I think we nailed it. I really miss this kid. He's the best. Just simply the best...  Yesterday I had a conversation with my younger self. The girl I was right before I slipped into darkness. I held her hand and told her that she was about to walk a very lonely and terrifying road. I told her that she would feel hate, anger, shame so deep it would fill her whole body. I told her that despite this she would be ok. She would grit her teeth and trudge through the darkness because she was strong. She was powerful. I told her that she would make it through. I told her I loved her. I told her I was sorry. I like to think that this film would make that little me proud. That she would know that everything she's about to go through would all be worth it in the end...#EnoughFilm
 "Daphne, my dear, look how far we've come..." - the Universe ✨  I don't have words to describe how I'm feeling. This film. My baby. It is so much greater than I ever thought it could be. Many more posts to come, the journey is just beginning. I love every single person involved in this project. My heart is just FULL OF LOVE #enoughfilm
 Oops, I think my Divine Feminine is showing✨  "As I am. As I am. All or not at all." • This film is teaching me more about myself than I ever could have dreamed. This life is a wonderful life. This path is a wonderful path. I am walking in the right direction. I can feel it in my bones.
 "‘as you are.’ says the universe. ‘after…’ you answer. ‘as you are.’ says the universe. ‘before…’ you answer. ‘as you are.’ says the universe. ‘when…’ you answer. ‘as you are.’ says the universe. ‘how…’ you answer. ‘as you are.’ says the universe. ‘why…’ you answer. ‘because you are happening now. and your happening is beautiful. the thing that both keeps me alive and brings me to my knees. you don’t even know how exquisite you are. as you are.’ says the universe through tears." - as you are | you are the prayer, nayyirah waheed • Sneak peek at what's to come from #EnoughFilm. Filming this scene made me cry harder than I've ever cried in my life. I am so proud to be a voice for women that struggle with these monsters in their heads. Get ready, because I've had #Enough   I don't think I can accurately describe the gratitude I have for @zakbarnettstudios when I first moved to LA, Zak's class became my home. My sanctuary. It's where I found my people. It gave me a place to fit in and be surrounded by people that took acting as seriously as I did. ZBS has been my guiding light through many dark times in my life. It gave me an outlet and a space to be real and vulnerable. I owe Zak and his studio so much. I am so honored that I have gotten to grow right alongside this studio and these people. To you I am forever grateful and have nothing but unconditional love #stillthankful
 This is how I practice self care. So many books, so many dog cuddles, and so much oatmeal. A good bowl of cinnamon oatmeal is my kryptonite.   Never did I think I would be executive producing, writing, and acting in my own short film but this is where life has taken me. It has become my full time job and in a week and a half I get to actually shoot it. I met with my lovey director and DP today and I could not be happier with their ideas of how to bring my vision to life. My hope is that this film will give voice to women in a way that's never been done before. I am anxious, excited, joy filled...I'm feeling so many emotions I'm practically bursting at the seams. I have so much more work to do but I am also incredibly proud of how far I have come. Keep your eyes peeled and your butts poised at the edge of your seats because #EnoughFilm is coming for ya.